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email: egins@comcast.net
Master of Fine Arts, Printmaking, Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan,
Bachelor of Arts, Art History, Trinity College, Harford, Connecticut, 1986

2021 - Professor, Chair, BFA Programs, Department Head, Intermedia, Pacific Northwest                 College of Art at Willamette University, Portland, Oregon
2013-  Professor, Chair, Media Arts, Department Head, Intermedia, 
           Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon
1991 - Assistant then Associate Professor, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland,                    Oregon

2022                Research Travel Grant, Pacific Northwest College of Art @ Willamette                                  University, Portland, Oregon (Los Angeles)
2021                Public Commission, Washington State Arts Commission, Foothills                                        Elementary School, Washington
                        Artist in Residency, East Creek Art, Willimina, Oregon
2020                Honorable Mention, McNeese National Works on Paper Exhibition, McNeese                          State  University, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Juror, Eleanor Heartney
2019 .              Writing Commission, Oregon Visual Arts Ecology Project, Ford Family                                      Foundation, Oregon Arts Commission
                        Commission, Modera Buckman, Portland, Oregon
                        Artist in Residency, Caldera, Sisters, Oregon
2018                Critic’s Visit Award: Connective Conversations Ford Family Foundation,                                  Roseburg, Oregon
2017                Erasmus+ Grant, LUCA, Brussels and Ghent, Belgium
2016                Fund for Art Investigation and Research Grant, Pacific Northwest College of                          Art, Portland, Oregon (Holland and Spain)
2014                Artist in Residence, Caldera, Sisters, Oregon
2012                Artist in Residency, Arteles, Finland, awarded
2010                Public Art Commission, CYAN PDX, Gerding Edlen, Portland, Oregon
2009                Public Art Commission, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon
2008                Public Art Commission, Seattle City Light, Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs,                          City of Seattle, Seattle, Washington
                        Artist in Residency, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT, full fellowship
2002                Project Grant, Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland, Oregon
1999                Artist in Residence, Studio Art Centers International, Florence, Italy
                        Project Grant, Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland, Oregon
1998                Project Grant, Burdock Burn Foundation, Portland, Oregon
1994                Project Grant, Regional Arts and Culture Council, Portland, Oregon

2023                Sensoria, SE Cooper Contemporary, Portland, Oregon (forthcoming)      2019                Feedback Loop, Northview Gallery, Portland, Oregon, (including a special 
                        performance with How to Disappear in Plain Site by Michael Reinsch)
                        How to Disappear in Plain Site, Albatross, Gold Hill, Oregon
2018                Undercurrents, Anthroposophical Society, Rudolph Steiner Branch, Chicago,                          Illinois
2015                If You Felt the Same, Vancouver City Hall, Vancouver, Washington
                        Wrinkle in Time, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland, Oregon
2014                Mixed Feelings, Kathrin Cawein Gallery, Pacific University, Forest Grove,                                Oregon
2013                Mixed Feelings, NINE Gallery, Portland, Oregon
2011                Labyrinths: small press book project published by Justin Bland
2010                Choreograph: Emily Ginsburg and Jane Lackey, two-person exhibition,                               The Art Gym, Marylhurst University, Marylhurst, Oregon
                        Busy Signals, Washington State University Gallery, Pullman, Washington
2008                Habitual, Fairbanks Gallery, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
2005                Social Studies, Nine Gallery, Portland, Oregon
2002                Slowness, The Art Gym, Marylhurst University, Marylhurst, Oregon
2001                Blotto, Manuel Izquierdo Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1999                Heliocentric, Philip Feldman Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1999                Wavelength, Studio Art Centers International/Florence, Florence, Italy
1998                Wavelength, Zygote Press, Cleveland, Ohio
1997                Mapping Mind Games, Tidbit Gallery, Portland, Oregon
1995                Present Tense, The North Coast Seed Company Building, Portland, Oregon                            collaboration with Melissa McClure
1994                Or Current Resident, Metropolitan Center for Public Art, The Portland                                    Building, Portland, Oregon
2022                Home, Playground Gallery, Portland, Oregon
                        On the Verge of Recognition, Well Well Projects, Portland, Oregon
2021                New Ownership, Eutectic Gallery, Portland, Oregon
                        hard & SOFT, Congress Yard Projects, Portland, Oregon, curated by Mack                              McFarland and Ariana Jacob
2020                Albatross Art Fair, Gold Hill, Oregon
                       McNeese National Works on Paper Exhibition, McNeese State University,                           Lake Charles, Louisiana, Juried by Eleanor Heartney
2018                Enter the Nineties: Zine Exhibition, Barnard College, Columbia University,                              New York, New York
2017                Projects for the Page, Center on Contemporary Art and Culture, Portland,                              Oregon
                        PRINT NOW, Washington State University/Vancouver, Vancouver, Washington
                        Oregon Printmakers, Joseph Center for Arts and Culture, Joseph, Oregon
                        NCECA Expo ’17, Gandee Gallery, Fabius, New York/Portland, Orgeon
2016                Salon: Portland 2016 Biennial, The Studio Visits, Disjecta, Portland,                                      Oregon, curated by Michelle Grabner
2014                50/50, Heathman Hotel, Portland, Oregon, Curated by the Elizabeth Leach                              Gallery
2013                Profound Impact, Heathman Hotel, Portland, Oregon, Curated by the                                      Elizabeth Leach Gallery
2011                Reading, Writing, Gallery Homeland, Portland, Oregon, Curated by Lisa                                  Radon
2009                Sight/Mapping, Herter Art Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst                                Massachusetts, Curated by David Gibson and Trevor Richardson
2007                Character, Tilt Gallery, Portland, Oregon, Seed Project, Plus Ultra Gallery,                              New York, New York, Artworld Digest, Rare Gallery, New York, New York
                        TROCA USA, A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil                
2006                Oregon Biennial, Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon, curated by                                      Jennifer Gately, Great American Storage, Spring Gallery, Brooklyn, New York
2005                Mindscapes, Art Institute of New York, New York, New York, The Gallery on                            the Plaza, New England Institute of Art, Brookline, Massachusetts
                        Mobile Home: Red Shoe Delivery Service, Nottdance Festival, Nottingham,                          England, George Adams Gallery at the Art Center, Melbourne International                                Arts Festival, Melbourne Australia, curated by Molly Dilworth
                        Digitally Mediated, Organization of Independent Artists, New York, NY
2004                COCA’s Northwest Annual, Center on Contemporary Art, Seattle,                                            Washington, Juried by Ken Lum 
                        Transient Décor, Affair at the Jupiter Hotel, Portland, Oregon, Curated by                                Stuart Horodner and Saul Ostrow
2003                Later, in conjunction with Core Sample, Portland Institute for Contemporary                            Art, Portland, Oregon, curated by Nan Curtis, The Virescence Project, in                                conjunction with a national conference on Sustainability, METRO, Portland,                              Oregon, curated by Daniel Duford
2002                Walk On Water, Basil Hallward Gallery, Portland, Oregon, Subscribe, Cawein                          Gallery, Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon
2001                Palimpsest, Hoffman Gallery, Oregon College of Art and Craft. Portland,                                  Oregon
                        Mountain High IV: Prints, Timberline Lodge, Timberline, Oregon 
                        Gathering Time, Network Gallery, Cranbrook Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills,                            Michigan
2000                w(hole), L&B Viewing Room, Portland, Oregon, Gathering Time, Houston Art                          League, Houston, Texas
                        Open Walls, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland, Oregon,
                        Post Millennium Musings, Artemesia Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
1999                Park of the Future, Gasterwerksfabreik, Amsterdam, Holland, Pacific                                      International Print Exhibition, National Academy of Fine Arts, Hang Zhou,                              China
2022                Feedback Loop: A Conversation between Emily Ginsburg and Derek                                  Franklin,  Stephanie Snyder, editor, Oregon Visual Arts Ecology Project, Ford                          Family Foundation, Oregon Arts Commission, (forthcoming)
2021                New Ownership: The First NFT Backed Ceramics Exhibition in Portland,                            Oregon, Ashley Gifford, Ceramics Now, September 29th, 2021,                                                 https://www.ceramicsnow.org/2021/09/29/new-ownership-the-first-nft-                                   backed-ceramics-exhibition-in-portland-oregon
                        Art shows a bit more intense and cerebral this winter in Portland, Brianna                          Miller, The Oregonian,                          Portlandhttps://www.oregonlive.com/entertainment/2021/01/art-shows-a-bit-more-intense-                             and-cerebral-this-winter-in-portland.html         
2019                Connective Conversations: Curators and Critics Studio Visits,  Ford                                    Famiy. Foundation, Roseburg, Oregon, (catalogue)
2013                Emily Ginsburg: Mixed Feelings, Richard Speer, Willamette Week, Portland,                          Oregon, September 12th
                        Public Art in Portland, The Culture Trip, London, England, Melissa Pierce
2012                Sign and Symbol, The 22 Magazine: Volume 2,  editor, Cat Gilbert, Brooklyn,                          New York, featured artist, images and interview between the artist and Cat                              Gilbert, pp. 74-83
2011                Writing About Art About Writing, Matt Stangel, The Portland Mercury,                                     August 25th,
                        Reading Writing: Review at Gallery Homeland: Words as Raw Material,                              John Motley, The Oregonian, August 17th,
                        There is Hope But Not For Us, Samizdat, Issue #1,  Journal of The Society                            for the Preservation of Lost Things and Missing Time, p. 9-10, Miami, Florida,                          Labyrinths: collaborative small press project featuring my work, book                                      designed by Justin Bland 
                        Curatorial Roundup, Victor Maldonado www.portlandart.net, , Seed Media                            Group, www.visualizing.org
2009                Portland Artist Explores Everyday Life, Alaina Grade, The Daily Evergreen,                            Pullman Washington, September 23rd, pp. 3-4,
                        Site Mapping: Exhibition Catalogue, Herter Art Gallery, University of                                        Massachusetts at Amherst, David Gibson and Trevor Richardson, pp. 2-5, p.                            11,
                        Seattle City Light Sponsors Seven Art Installations, Adriana Grant, Seattle                          Post Intelligencer, February 12th
                        Illuminating Edge to “lobby art” at Seattle City Light, Gayle                                                  Clemans,  Seattle Times, Seattle Washington, January 2nd,
                       The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography, Kitty Harmon,                         Princeton Architectural Press, New York, New York, p.136
2008                DATA FLOW: Visualizing Information in Graphic Design, editors, R.                                      Klanten, N. Bourguin, S. Ehman, F. van Heerden,  Gestalten, Berlin, Germany,                         pp. 150 “Datanoid” essay, images on 168,169
2007                Practice: New Writing and Art, Issue 2, Practice Press, San Francisco,                                 California, May
                       “The Seed Project”, Art World Digest Magazine, David, Cohen, New York, NY
                        March, “Exposicao Revela Poetica Das Trocas”, Luiz Camillo Osorio, O                                Globo, February 10th
2006                2006 Oregon Biennial  Exhibition Essay and Catalogue, Portland Art                                        Museum, Jennifer Gately, Portland, Oregon, pp. 15, 42-43 , 
                        A Biennial That Breathes,
Willamette Week, Richard Speer, August 2, p.54
2005                Emily Ginsburg at Nine Gallery, PORT, Katherine Bovee, August 15
2004                Visual Arts Pick: Northwest Annual, Seattle Weekly, Andrew Engelson,                                  November,
                        There’s Plenty of Art to Feast Upon at Local Galleries,                                                          Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Regina Hackett, October 28
                        Out in Oregon,  Artnet Magazine, Barry Newman, October,
                        Core Sample Exhibition   Catalogue and DVD
                        Artful Thinking Outside the Box”, D.K. Row, The Oregonian, July 9
                        Later, Pat Boas, ART US, January/February
2003               Slowness Exhibition Catalogue, Essay: Teri Hopkins, Interview between                                   artists and curator Stuart Horodner,
                       Art Overview, Jeff Jahn, NWDrizzle, January
2002               Slowness, Lois Allan, Art Papers, July August
                       Subscribing to Success, D.K. Row, The Oregonian, March 29
                       In the Blink of an Eye, D.K. Row, The Oregonian, March 1
2001               Blotto, Pat Boas, Artweek, December
                       Emily Ginsburg: Blotto, Jeff Jahn, NWScuttle, November

Franklin Furnace Archive at the Museum of Modern Art, New York New York, Museo da Gravura de Curitiba, Curitiba, Brazil, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, Gilkey Center for Graphic Arts, Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon
Printmaking Workshop, New York, New York, Library of Congress, Washington,  D.C., Archer M. Huntington Gallery, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas
Cranbrook Academy of Art Museum, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, California State University at Long Beach, Long Beach, California, Colgate University Art Museum, Hamilton, New York, National Academy of Fine Arts, Hang Zhou, China, Private Collections, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon, City of Portland, Portable Works Collection, Portland, Oregon, City of Seattle, Seattle Municipal Tower, Seattle, Washington, Gerding Edlen Development Corporation, Portland, Oregon, Modera Buckman, Portland, Oregon, Washington Arts Commission, State of Washington